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Accepted Papers

The program is not yet settled. Meanwhile, we present the list of accepted papers.


Abe Roth. "The Practical Significance of Group Reasons for Individual Agents"
Abigail Klassen. "Progress or Change?"
Alessandro De Cesaris. "Ghost Stories. Toward an Hegelian Approach to Social Ontology"
Angelica Kaufmann. "The representation of time in the social world of primates
Anna Moltchanova. "A theory of collective self-awareness"
Anna Strasser. "Artificial agents in the realm of social cognition"
Anton Eriksson. "Causal Responsibility for Emissions in Global Supply Chains"
Arto Laitinen. "Declarations and institutional reality"
Benjamin Neeser. "Objects, People, and Powers: The Deontic Theory of Money"
Bill Wringe. "Never Mind the Gap:Forward-Looking Collective Responsibility without the 'Quantum of Blame' Mistake."
Bo Allesøe Christensen. "Taking one for the team. Team-reasoning and the possibility of collective alief."
Brian Flanagan. "The Theory of Group Agency: A Synthesis and an Experiment"
Cathal O'Madagain and Michael Tomasello. "Joint Attention to Mental Content: A Key Component of Social Cognition"
David Schweikard. "Joint and mutual obligations"
David Strohmaier. "Nested Groups: Membership and Parthood"
Eirik Julius Risberg. "Collective Agency and Individual Criminal Responsibility"
Enrico Terrone. "Is Art an Institution? Are Artworks Social Objects? Does the Philosophy of Art Fit into Social Ontology?"
Esa Diaz Leon. "Social Construction and Universality"
Evan Woods. "The Ameliorative Project, Gender, and Trans Identities: Lessons for the Ameliorative Project"
Eyja Brynjarsdóttir. "Money as an Interactive and Subjective Social Kind"
Francesco Franda. "Organizations: an Ontological Approach"
Frank Hindriks. "What's the Difference Between Money and Gender? Social Construction, Critique, and Change"
Gerhard Thonhauser. "Two Ways of Feeling Together"
Gianluca Pozzoni. "Social reality without levels"
Gloria Mähringer. "Collective Intentionality as the common ground of normative experiences"
Gustav Ramström. "Macro phenomena without macro manifestations – why the multiple realization argument is incompatible with social science"
Hannah Rubin and Cailin O'Connor. "Discrimination and Collaboration in Social Networks"
Hans Bernhard Schmid. "Collective Responsibilities of Random Collections: Plural Self-Awareness Among Strangers"
Hein Duijf. "Collective reasoning and collective responsibility gaps"
Henning Nörenberg. "Nostra Res Agitur? Programmatic Contexts and The Disentangled We"
Ingar Brinck. "Minimal approaches to joint action"
Ingvar Johansson. "How Do Non-Joint Commitments Come Into Being? : An Attempt at Cultural Naturalism"
Johannes Himmelreich. "Existence, Really? Higher-order Disagreements in Social Ontology"
John Greenwood. "On the Persistence of Social Groups"
Joshua Rust. "Money and Deontic Power"
Jules Salomone. "From Coordination to Cooperation. Switching to Team Reasoning"
Juliette de Wit and Chiara Lisciandra. "Measuring social norms in economics. A philosophy of science perspective."
Kalle Grill. "A New Method for Social Preference Aggregation"
Kourken Michaelian. "Collective memory: Metaphor or reality?"
Laura Valentini. "On the moral normativity of socially constructed norms"
Leo Townsend. "Collective testimony and second personal commitment"
Matteo Bianchin. "Social Cognition, Cooperation, and Hypothetical Contracts"
Matti Heinonen. "Tuomela's Account of the We-Perspective as a Theoretical Model"
Meghan Masto. "Ontology, Semantics, Metaphilosophy, and Gender"
Michael Schmitz. "Co-subjective consciousness creates collectives"
Mihailis Diamantis. "The Corporation and the Epistemologist"
Mike D Schneider. "The non-epistemic origins of research strongholds"
Mikko Salmela and Michiru Nagatsu. "What is wrong with interpersonally scaffolded affectivity?"
Natalie Gold and James Thom. "Testing Team Reasoning: Group identification is related to coordination in common interest games"
Niels de Haan. "Collective Moral Agency and Identity Over Time"
Pekka Mäkelä, Raul Hakli and S.M. Amadae. "Institutions as Shared Plans: Practical Reasoning in I and We Modes"
Rachel Fraser. "Towards a Social Ontology of Work"
Robin Guid Loehr. "How to Think About Constructions: Towards an Account of the Acquisition of Social Kind Concepts"
Sabine Thuermel. "Collectivity in Blockchain based Environments"
Sigmund Schilpzand. "The Agency of Non-Humans: Metaphysics and the Social"
Stephanie Collins and Holly Lawford-Smith. "When the (Democratic) State Acts, does its Citizenry?"
Thomas Szanto. "Collective Hatred and Hatred towards Collectives"
Vojtěch Zachník. "What would you like me to drink? Epistemic Foundations of Salience-based Coordination"
Xiaoxi Wu. The Plurality in a Plural Subject: The Phenomena of Dissenting and Dissidence as Communal Phenomena"


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