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Information about Hotels

Accommodation - Hotel Concordia

Concordia Hotel www.concordia.se


Please note: If you reserve your hotel at Hotel Concordia and mention your participation at the IACS conference, you will obtain the reduction rate applied to all guest of Lund University. We will retained a number of rooms at this hotel, which will be available at least until a month before the beginning of the conference.


Single room: 1200 SEK

Double room: 1400 SEK

Other recommended hotels

We recommend the following hotels:


Lilla Hotellet i Lund www.lillahotelletilund.se


Hotel Duxiana Lund www.lund.hotelduxiana.com


Hotel Sparta www.spartahotell.se


Hotel Lundia www.lundia.se


StayAt Lund www.stayat.eu/lund


First Hotel Planetstaden




Grand Hotel grandilund.com


Hotel Ahsltröm www.hotellahlstrom.se



For information on other hotels please see: