4th Nordic Zooarchaeology Meeting

Autumn 2020

UPDATE: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Meeting has been post-poned to 2021 instead. New dates will be posted as soon as possible. Please, wait to register until we have set a new date.


The Nordic Zooarchaeology Meeting has matured to be a valuable yearly network oppourtunity open to all zooarcheologists and animal osteologists working in the Nordic countries. It has grown to be a forum that transcends the traditional academic and commercial boundaries of archaeology, because of our common interest in and competence of working with animal remains from archaeological contexts. Visiting this meeting gives an instant view on the state-of-the-art, trends and on-going work in our sector.

This year, we at Lund are happy to host the 4th Nordic Zooarchaeology Meeting 7-9th May 2020! We start with the traditional hygge on Thursday evening. We have two days of presentations and discussions, and we will end with a visit to the Historical Museum. There are no thematic sessions this year; instead we welcome and encourage presentations of on-going projects, throught and works from all sectors within zooarchaeology. This will give us an oppurtunity to scan what is new in Nordic zooarchaeology, common interests, goals and issues.

If you have any questions, please contact Stella (stella.macheridisark.luse) or Ola (ola.magnellarkeologernacom)


on behalf of the organizing group

Ola and Stella

General information

The Meeting takes place at LUX on Helgonavägen 3. It is about a 15 minutes walk from the central station of Lund. In "Practical Information" you will find a map of Lund with the location of LUX highlighted, and a map of the LUX building.  You can easily get to Lund by train or bus. The nearest airport is Kastrup in Copenhagen. The train from Kastrup to Lund takes about 35 minutes. Tickets can be bought online on skanetrafiken.se or sj.se Participants are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. Go to "Practical information" for a map and suggestions of hotels in the Lund area. 
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