ICSTLL43 (2010)

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Registration information

Registration of intent to participate in the 43rd ICSTLL is done by filling out a web form.

We ask that those of you interested in participating in the conference fill out this form as soon as possible, so that we can make an estimate of how many hotel rooms we will need to reserve to accomodate you all.

On the registration form is a field called Other information, please use this field to give as much information as you currently have available on when you intend to arrive and depart, and whether or not you will be accompanied by others, as well as if you desire a single or double room. This is not a hotel reservation as such, but merely an aid for us.

Also note that there is a check box tagged Would like to become a speaker to indicate whether or not you wish to give a presentation at the conference. This check box is by default unchecked, so please do not forget to check it when appropriate. To avoid various types of attacks on the web server, only those who have been confirmed by the organizing committée as valid potential speakers may upload an abstract. We will try to make such confirmations as quickly as possible.

Please note that this only is a confirmation that you are not a spammer or a web bot, and not a notice of acceptance to give a presentation.

Both New Participants and already Registered Participant should use the Registration Page; the top part For Already Registered Participants is for already registered participants to log in, while in the bottom part For Not Yet Registered Participants you find a link for New Participants.

If you have registered but forgotten your password, you can request a one-time log-in to be emailed to your email address by clicking the Request Assistance with Lost Password link.