Paper template

The template for the proceedings paper for Fonetik 2021 is available for download here. It is based on the template from TMH-QPSR, KTH. Thank you KTH people! 

docx (Link)

  • Contributions should be written in English and may comprise at most six pages.
  • Create a pdf version of the paper when ready. Make sure that the PDF looks the way you want the contribution to look, and that phonetic fonts and other special fonts are included in the pdf file (embedded fonts).
  • Please also send your .docx file in case we would need to edit your document.
  • Name the contribution with the authors' surnames followed by  "_fon21", according to the following pattern:

surname_(surname)_(1)_fon2021.pdf (and .docx)

surname_(surname)_(2)_fon2021.pdf (and .docx)

Numbers are used to distinguish different articles from the same authors.

The contributions should be sent to fonetik2021ling.luse no later than 17 May 2021.

Sidansvarig: fonetik2020ling.luse | 2021-04-28