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Plenary Speakers

Iconicity as a key epistemic force of change in the self: the film The Life of Others (F. von Donnersmark 2006) revisited in the light of triadic semiotic

Fernando Andacht, Republican University of Uruguay

Professor of Theory & Methodology, Facultad de Información & Comunicación, Univ. de la República. He has taught in Uruguay, USA, Norway, Germany, Brazil, Chile, and Canada. He has published ten books and over a hundred scholarly articles and chapters mostly on the representation of the real in audiovisual media, based on Peirce’s triadic semiotic. Some of his recent publications: Una travesía metafórica hacia el realismo semiótico de C. S. Peirce (2017); Vers une écologie de l’ altérité au Brésil et au Canada: une analyse sémiotique comparative des représentations indicielles dans le film documentaire (2015); Uma abordagem semiótica e indicial da identidade na era de YouTube (2015); Semiotic Gold at the End of Peirce s Rainbow: on the Fallible Pursuit of Reality (2014);The lure of the powerful, freewheeling icon: On Ransdell’s analysis of iconicity (2013).


The role of iconicity in language acquisition and evolution

Mutsumi Imai, Keio University at Shonan-Fujisawa

Professor of Psychology at the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University.  Her goal is to understand how children build up their lexicons and how universal and language factors affect lexical development.  Imai’s research interests include four topics that are deeply interwoven with one another: (1) How children learn language; (2) The role of language in conceptual development; (3) The relation between language and thought (in cross-linguistic contexts) in children and adults; (4) The relation between speech sound and meaning (sound symbolism) in language, and how sound symbolism scaffolds language development.





Cinematic Metaphor - An interdisciplinary framework to metaphor in face-to-face communication and audiovision 

Cornelia Müller, Europa-Universität Viadrina

Professor of Language Use and Multimodal Communication at European University Viadrina, Frankfurt/Oder (Germany). She has published on multimodal forms of language use, focusing on gesture as an expressive medium (motivation and conventionalization), on embodied processes of multimodal communication, and on the experiential dynamics of metaphoric meaning in speech, gesture, and audiovisual media. Her books include: Metaphors, Dead and Alive, Sleeping and Waking: A Dynamic View (2008, UoC Press) and together with H. Kappelhoff Cinematic Metaphor. Experience – Affectivity – Temporality (forthcoming).


The intricate dialectics of iconization and structuration - Primary iconicity, secondary iconicity, and anything in-between

Göran Sonesson, Lund University

Professor of Semiotics at Lund University, where he has directed the Semiotics Seminar (since 1986) and the Centre for Cognitive Semiotics (since 2009). His research interests include general and visual semiotics, the semiotics of gesture, language, culture, and more recently, evolution and development. He has authored and edited a number of books, most recently Human lifeworlds: The cognitive semiotics of cultural evolution (2016).