NUS-Lund Linguistic Colloquium (2002)



Incollaboration with the Department of Linguistics, Lund University, Sweden

Organizedby the Department of English Language and Literature, NUS

October 29-30, 2002  Venue: AS7, Faculty Lounge





1stday: language acquisition, development and processing


9.15-9.30         Opening remarks         UA/JOS


9.30-10.30       First session                           


Victoria Johansson: Speech vs.writing - a developmental perspective

Eva Magnusson and Kerstin Nauclér: Spoken and writtenlanguage problems in a developmental perspective


10.30-11.00     BREAK


11.00-12.00     Second session           


Madalena Cruz-Ferreira: Two prosodies, two languages: infant production in Portuguese and Swedish

Susan Sayehli:Cross-linguistic influences in second language acquisition


12.00-13.30     LUNCH


13.30-15.00     Third session 


Gisela Håkansson: Second language acquisition of typologically different languages           

Wei Cai and Benny Lee:Investigating the influence of morphological structure and contextual clue onL2 learners' processing of unfamiliar words

Vivan Franzén: A studyof the development of some discourse parameters in children with Swedish as L2and L1


15.00-15.30     BREAK


15.30-16.30     Last session: various


Sven Stromqvist: The emergence of function words in child language development

Roman Kotov Rashidovich: Developmental pragmatics and cognition: the acquisition ofrequests by Singaporean children






9.00-10.30       First session: Phonetics/ Phonology


Tan Ying Ying: The Perception of Prominence in the Ethnic Varieties of Singapore English

Per Lindblad: Mandibularmovements and syllables

Bao Zhiming: When tone and accent clash


10.30-11.00     BREAK


11.00-12.30     Second session: cont'd


Gösta Bruce: Prosody anddialectal variation

David Deterding: Misunderstandings between Singaporeans and someone from Britain

Lisa Lim: Prosodic erosionof grammaticalized morphemes in Colloquial Singapore English: a proposal


12.30-14.00     LUNCH


14.00-15.00    Third session: various


Paul Bruthiaux: Constraints ondiscourse in real-time versus delayed online soccer reporting

Jordan Zlatev & Peerapat Yangklang: Serializing languages: neither 'verb-framed' nor 'satellite-framed' (with focus on Thai)


15.00-15.30       BREAK


15.30-16.30     Last session: various


Niclas Burenhult: The linguistic coding of space in Jahai,an Orang Asli language of Hulu Perak

Umberto Ansaldo: Asketch of Cocos Malay


Closing Remarks JOS/UA



Wednesday night dinner: a dinner is plannedat Hua Yu Wee, an excellent restaurant to sample typical Singaporean fare (e.g.Chilli crab, pepper crayfish, sotong etc.). We would like to know how manyintend to take part. That will give us a chance to negotiate a good price forthe dinner. We expect it to cost roughly S$25 per person. It's worth it!




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