Session 3

Session 3: Digital heritage and digital preservation

Digital data and information is collected, stored and displayed in ever-increasing ways. In spite of the everyday use of digital tools for documentation, research, education and communication, there are few well-functioning strategies of how to cope with the growing amount of digital data and how to keep track with constant technological updates. Some digital solutions have become history today. This workshop session welcomes all kinds of reflections relating to digital heritage, its use today and in the future. Archaeological, historical, cultural, technological and future perspectives are all well suited as points of departure for a discussion on the theme. A special focus could preferably be on the use of digital heritage in connection with higher education: how is digital heritage used for educational purposes today, and how could it be used in the future? Another aspect is on preservation: how are strategies of preservation of digital heritage in a broad sense changing and developing right now?

Sidansvarig: itht.luse | 2012-04-10