Fonetik 2006

Humanistiska och teologiska fakulteterna | Lunds universitet



11.30-13.00 Registrering

13.00-13.20 Inledning

SESSION 1 (onsdag 13.20-14.40) — Rhythm and Quantity

Chair: Eva Strangert

13.20-13.40 Kari Suomi Stress, Accent and Vowel Durations in Finnish PDF

13.40-14.00 Wim van Dommelen Quantification of Speech Rhythm in Norwegian as a Second Language PDF

14.00-14.20 Diana Krull, Hartmut Traunmüller, and Pier Marco Bertinetto Local Speaking Rate and Perceived Quantity: An Experiment with Italian Listeners PDF

14.20-14.40 Robert McAllister, Miyoko Inoue, and Sofie Dahl L1 Residue in L2 Use: A Preliminary Study of Quantity and Tense-lax PDF

14.40-15.10 Kaffe

SESSION 2 (onsdag 15.10-16.30) — Dialectal and Sociophonetic Variation

Chair: Olle Engstrand

15.10-15.30 Frantz Clermont and Elisabeth Zetterholm F-pattern Analysis of Professional Imitations of "hallå" in three Swedish Dialects PDF

15.30-15.50 Jonas Lindh A Case Study of /r/ in the Västgöta Dialect PDF

15.50-16.10 Petra Bodén and Julia Große Youth Language in Multilingual Göteborg PDF

16.10-16.30 Rein Ove Sikveland How do we Speak to Foreigners? — Phonetic Analyses of Speech Communication between L1 and L2 Speakers of Norwegian PDF

16.45-17.30 Visning av Humanistlaboratoriet

18.00- Buffé


SESSION 3 (torsdag 9.20-10.20) — Articulation and Perception

Chair: Wim van Dommelen

09.20-09.40 Emilia Ahlberg, Julia Backman, Josefin Hansson, Maria Olsson, and Anette Lohmander Acoustic Analysis of Phonetically Transcribed Initial Sounds in Babbling Sequences from Infants with and without Cleft Palate PDF

09.40-10.00 Hartmut Traunmüller Cross-modal Interactions in Visual as Opposed to Auditory Perception of Vowels PDF

10.00-10.20 Lisa Gustavsson, Ellen Marklund, Eeva Klintfors, and Francisco Lacerda Directional Hearing in a Humanoid Robot PDF

10.20-10.50 Kaffe

SESSION 4 (torsdag 10.50-11.50) — Speech Technology

Chair: Björn Granström

10.50-11.10 Per-Anders Jande Modelling Pronunciation in Discourse Context PDF

11.10-11.30 Susanne Schötz Data-driven Formant Synthesis of Speaker Age PDF

11.30-11.50 Marcus Uneson Knowledge-light Letter-to-Sound Conversion for Swedish with FST and TBL PDF

SESSION 5a (torsdag 11.50-12.10) — PRE-POSTER SESSION

Chair: Merle Horne

11.50-12.10 "Posterblänkare"

12.10-13.30 Lunch

SESSION 5b (torsdag 13.30-15.00) — POSTER SESSION

Chair: Merle Horne

Ulla Bjursäter A Study of Simultaneous-masking and Pulsation-threshold Patterns of a Steady-state Synthetic Vowel: A Preliminary Report PDF

Jens Edlund and Mattias Heldner /nailon/ — Online Analysis of Prosody PDF

Gert Foget Hansen and Nicolai Pharao Microphones and Measurements PDF

Pétur Helgason SMTC — A Swedish Map Task Corpus PDF

Jonas Lindh Preliminary Descriptive F0-statistics for Young Male Speakers PDF

Yasuko Nagano-Madsen and Takako Ayusawa Cross-speaker Variations in Producing Attitudinally Varied Utterances in Japanese PDF

Daniel Neiberg, Kjell Elenius, Inger Karlsson, and Kornel Laskowski Emotion Recognition in Spontaneous Speech PDF

Maria Sjöström, Erik J. Eriksson, Elisabeth Zetterholm, and Kirk P. H. Sullivan A Switch of Dialect as Disguise PDF

Gabriel Skantze, David House, and Jens Edlund Prosody and Grounding in Dialog PDF

Eva Strangert and Thierry Deschamps The Prosody of Public Speech — A Description of a Project PDF

Niklas Öhrström and Hartmut Traunmüller Acoustical Prerequisites for Visual Hearing PDF


SESSION 6 (torsdag 15.00-16.20) — L2 and Foreign Accent

Chair: Bob McAllister

15.00-15.20 Una Cunningham Describing Swedish-accented English PDF

15.20-15.40 Snefrid Holm The Relative Contributions of Intonation and Duration to Degree of Foreign Accent in Norwegian as a Second Language PDF

15.40-16.00 Bosse Thorén Phonological Demands vs. System Constraints in an L2 Setting PDF

16.00-16.20 Katrin Stölten Effects of Age on VOT: Categorical Perception of Swedish Stops by Near-native L2 Speakers PDF

19.00- Konferensmiddag, Kulturkrogen


SESSION 7 (fredag 9.00-10.20) — Interaction and Discourse

Chair: Kari Soumi

09.00-09.20 Rolf Carlson, Kjell Gustafson, and Eva Strangert Prosodic Cues for Hesitation PDF

09.20-09.40 Olov Engwall Feedback from Real & Virtual Language Teachers PDF

09.40-10.00 Mattias Heldner and Jens Edlund Prosodic Cues for Interaction Control in Spoken Dialogue Systems PDF

10.00-10.20 Merle Horne The Filler EH in Swedish PDF

10.20-10.50 Kaffe

SESSION 8 (fredag 10.50-12.10) — Intonation and Prominence

Chair: Mattias Heldner

10.50-11.10 Christian Jensen Are Verbs Less Prominent? PDF

11.10-11.30 Yuni Kim Variation and Finnish Influence in Finland Swedish Dialect Intonation PDF

11.30-11.50 Jonas Beskow, Björn Granström, and David House Focal Accent and Facial Movements in Expressive Speech PDF

11.50-12.10 Gilbert Ambrazaitis and Gösta Bruce Perception of South Swedish Word Accents PDF

12.10-12.30 Avslutning