Excursion to eastern Scania

The excursion on Saturday, June 15 will go to eastern Scania where numerous Bronze Age monuments are still visible in the landscape. The excursion includes a visit to the Bronze Age cairn of Bredarör in Kivik, where it will be possible to enter the center of the cairn to study the interesting stone cist with petroglyphs. There will also be a quick stop at the Bronze Age–Early Iron Age grave field of Ängakåsen before departure from Kivik. The excursion will also provide the opportunity to visit the rock carving sites outside of the town Simrishamn as well as the rock carvings of the dolmen in Gladsax. Lunch and coffee is included in the excursion fee. The buss leaves LUX at 08.30 (meeting point outside entrance A) and will be back in Lund at 17.00.
Sidansvarig: NBAS2019ark.luse | 2019-05-29