6th Conference on Towers in Medieval Europe - Towers of Strength

The 6th conference on Towers in Medieval and Renaissance Europe is held in Lund 23-25 August 2019. The theme of the Conference is ‘Towers of Strength’ and the papers presented focuses of the role of towers as a physical and symbolic representation of lordly status. 

Towers could symbolise military strength, be intrinsically strong while serving as a functional dwelling, or incorporate aspects of each, both as a freestanding structure or as incorporated within a larger complex. A tower’s size and height could proclaim its owner’s social status, but scale might not reflect defensive capability; status could be a stronger defence than any fortification; insecurity could be reflected in greater defensive strength. These are some of the themes that will be discussed in the papers presented.
Sidansvarig: tower6ark.luse | 2019-05-13