Friday 23rd

12.00-17.00 Bus excursion to northwest Scania and the towers of Helsingborg and Borgeby, Departure from LUX, Lund University, Helgonavägen 3.

Saturday 24th Hall LUX C121

9.30                Registration and coffe

10.15- 10.30    Welcome – Richard Oram, Taco Herrmans and Martin Hansson

10.30-11.00     Recognizing a tower when you find one, Øystein Ekroll, Norway

11.00-11.30     The early medieval towers on Gotland, Martin Hansson, Sweden

11.30-12.00     The Örtofta tower house, Anders Ödman, Sweden

12.00-13.00     Lunch

13.00-13.30     Royal Danish Towers of the 14th century, Vivian Etting, Denmark

13.30-14.00     Tower houses in medieval Scanian towns, Kenth Hansen, Sweden

14.00-14.30     Late Viking defensive towers in Waterford, Ireland, Ben Murtagh, Ireland

14.30-15.00     Coffe break

15.00-15.30     Where do the Bergfrieds come from? Appearance and evolution of cylindrical towers in  Central Europe, Przemysław Nocuń, Poland.

15.30-16.00   The Tower of 16th Century Skarhult, Anders Reisnert, Sweden.

16.00-17.00  Guided tour in medieval Lund

Sunday 25th     Hall LUX C121

9.30-10.00      Towers of strength and confinement: Saint Andrews and Lochleven castles as prisons, Penelope Dransart, UK

10.00-10.30    The real “donjon”. A contribution to castle terminology, Bas Aarts. The Netherlands

10.30-11.00    Coffe break

11.00-11-30    The second generation great towers, Taco Hermans, The Nehterlands

11.30-12.00    Defence on the Anglo-Scottish Border in the 16th Century, Richard Oram, UK

12.00              Closing of the conference
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