SESSION 1 (onsdag 13.25) — Speech production and acoustics

Chair: Mattias Heldner

13.25Björn LindblomF0 curves — smooth, seamless yet pulsed?PDF

13.50Björn Lindblom, Diana Krull & Harvey M. SussmanCoarticulation as incomplete interpolationPDF

14.15Sidney WoodTungartikulation för uvulara konsonanter(ingen pdf)

14.40Johan Frid & Gilbert AmbrazaitisAutomatic estimation of pitch range through distribution fittingPDF


SESSION 2 (onsdag 15.30) — Interactions and emotions

Chair: Elisabeth Zetterholm

15.30Åsa AbelinExpression of emotions in spoken Swedish — a corpus studyPDF

15.55Jonas Beskow, Jens Edlund, Joakim Gustafson, Mattias Heldner, Anna Hjalmarsson & David HouseResearch focus: Interactional aspects of spoken face-to-face communicationPDF

16.20Jens Edlund, Mattias Heldner, Samer Al Moubayed, Agustin Gravano & Julia HirschbergVery short utterances in conversationPDF

16.45Visning av Humanistlaboratoriet



SESSION 3 (torsdag 09.00) — Various topics 1: Speech pathology // animal acoustics

Chair: Joakim Gustafson

09.00Pia NordgrenPhonetic and phonological aspects in relation to theory of mind and possible consequences for speech training in autismPDF

09.25Joel Åkesson, Jonas Lindh & Lena HarteliusPost surgery effects on VOT for Parkinson Disease STN/DBS patientsPDF

09.50Robert Eklund, Gustav Peters & Elizabeth D. DuthieAn acoustic analysis of purring in the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) and in the domestic cat (Felis catus)PDF


SESSION 4 (torsdag 10.40) — Speech perception

Chair: Åsa Abelin

10.40Ellen Marklund, Anna Ericsson & Francisco LacerdaCross-modal magnitude matching as a precursor of multi-modal speech perceptionPDF

11.05Niclas ÖhrströmA preliminary study of audiovisual integration of roundedness in front vowels: limitation due to discrepancy in jaw depressionPDF

11.30Jörgen L. PindThe effect of speaking rate on the perception of vowel-initial and vowel-final [h]PDF


SESSION 5 (torsdag 14.00) — Speech and speaker recognition

Chair: Robert Eklund

14.00Daniel Elenius & Mats BlombergDynamic vocal tract length normalization in speech recognitionPDF

14.25Jonas Lindh & Anders ErikssonVoice similarity — a comparison between judgements by human listeners and automatic voice comparisonPDF

14.50Elisabeth Zetterholm, Farhan Sarwar & Carl Martin AllwoodEarwitnesses: The effect of type of voice lineup in identification accuracy and the realism in confidence judgmentsPDF


SESSION 6 (torsdag 15.40) — Discourse and technology

Chair: Susanne Schötz

15.40Robert Eklund & Mats WirénEffects of open and directed prompts on filled pauses and utterance productionPDF

16.05D. Neiberg, J. GustafsonProsodic Characterization and Automatic Classification of Conversational Grunts in SwedishPDF



SESSION 7 (fredag 09.00) — Dialectal features

Chair: Bosse Thorén

09.00Mary StevensHow widespread is preaspiration in Italy? A preliminary acoustic phonetic overviewPDF

09.25Pétur Helgason, Catherine Ringen & Kari SoumiQuantity in Central Standard Swedish and Fenno-SwedishPDF

09.50Susanne Schötz, Jonas Beskow, Gösta Bruce, Joakim Gustafson, Björn Granström & My SegerupSynthesising intonational varieties of SwedishPDF


SESSION 8 (fredag 10.40) — Various topics 2: Foreign accent // history

Chair: Mechtild Tronnier

10.40Helena Spilkov and Wim A. van DommelenEnglish of in L1 and L2 speakers' read and spontaneous speechPDF

11.05Bosse ThorönDurations of phonologically long segments in native and foreign accented SwedishPDF

11.30Paul TouatiBertil Malmberg, first chair of phonetics in Sweden — peer evaluationsPDF


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