ONSDAG 30/5 
SESSION 1Ordförande: Wim van Dommelen
13.30-13.45Antonis Botinis, Marios Fourakis and Robert Bannert
 Prosodic interactions on segmental durations in Greek
13.45-14.00Christine Ericsdotter and Anna M. Ericsson
 Gender differences in vowel duration in read Swedish: Preliminary results
14.00-14.15Nina Grønnum and Hans Basbøll
 Consonant length, stød and morae in Danish
14.15-14.30Eva Strangert
 Quantity in ten Swedish dialects in Northern Sweden and Österbotten in Finland
SESSION 2Ordförande: Nina Grønnum
15.00-15.15Olov Engwall
 Modeling the Talking Tongue
15.15-15.30Pétur Helgason
 Convergence in historical phonetics: Stop contrasts in Åland and Iceland
15.30-15.45Peder Livijn and Olle Engstrand
 Identifying places of articulation in coronal consonants:
 a combined EPG and listening test
15.45-16.00Peder Livijn and Olle Engstrand
 Place of articulation for coronals in some Swedish dialects
16.00-16.15Damra Muminovic and Olle Engstrand
 /r/ in some Swedish dialects: preliminary observations
SESSION 3Ordförande: Rolf Carlsson
16.30-16.45Kjell Gustafson and David House
 Expressive synthesis for children, a web-based evaluation
16.45-17.00Kåre Sjölander
 Automatic alignment of phonetic segments
17.00-17.15Annika Asp and Anna Decker
 Designing with speech acts to elude disfluency in human–computer dialogue systems
17.15-17.30Magnus Nordstrand
 Gestures for an interactive animated agent
19.15Reception med buffé
SESSION 4Ordförande: Olle Engstrand
09.00-09.15Eva Liina Asu
 Comparison of the intonation of two question types in Estonian
09.15-09.30Gunnar Fant and Anita Kruckenberg
 A novel system for F0 analysis and prediction
09.30-09.45Anastasia Karlsson
 An introductory study of Mongolian intonation
09.45-10.00Eva Olander
 Word accents in the Orsa dialect and in Orsa Swedish
10.00-10.15Nina Svärd
 Word accents in the Närpes dialect: Is there really only one accent?
SESSION 5Ordförande: Kari Suomi
10.45-11.00Jonas Brännström and Johannes Lantz
 On the physiological location of otoacoustic emissions
11.00-11.15Rebecca Hincks
 Using speech recognition to evaluate skills in spoken English
11.15-11.30Francisco Lacerda
 Re-assessing the perceptual consequences of CV-transition speed
11.30-11.45Francisco Lacerda and Pia Nehme
 Language learning and brain plasticity
11.45-12.00Elisabeth Zetterholm
 Impersonation - reproduction of speech
SESSION 6Postersession
13.00-14.30Posters, Kaffe
 Gösta Bruce and Ida Thelander
 A pitch accent journey in southern Sweden
 Olle Engstrand and Diana Krull
 Segment and syllable reduction: preliminary observations
 Sheri Hunnicutt and Tina Magnuson
 Linguistic structures for email and echat
 Inger Karlsson
 Voluntary and involuntary speech variations - a few examples from the VeriVox database
 Per Lindblad
 Critique of the IPA vowel quadrangle, especially the use of vowel points in it
 Sidney Wood
 A cinefluorographic study of uvular consonants: examples of uvular rhotics
 from Swedish and Inuit
SESSION 7Ordförande: Antonis Botinis
14.30-14.45Mikko Kuronen
 Acoustic character of vowel pronunciation in Sweden-Swedish and Finland-Swedish
14.45-15.00Jan-Olof Svantesson
 Phonology of a southern Swedish dialect
15.00-15.15Marcus Uneson
 Acoustic correlates of laryngealization in Kammu
15.15-15.30Wim A. van Dommelen
 Teenagers' pronunciation of Norwegian /C/ and /S/
15.30-15.45Tore Janson and Olle Engstrand
 Some unusual sounds in Changana
15.45-16.00Robert McAllister
 Experience as a factor in L2 phonological acquisition
17.00Utflykt till Ven med middag
SESSION 8Ordförande: Eva Strangert
09.00-09.15Johan Frid
 Prediction of intonation patterns of accented words
 in a corpus of read Swedish news
09.15-09.30Per-Anders Jande
 Stress patterns in Swedish lexicalised phrases
09.30-09.45Kari Suomi, Juhani Toivanen and Riikka Ylitalo
 On distinguishing stress and accent in Finnish
09.45-10.00David House, Jonas Beskow and Björn Granström
 Interaction of visual cues for prominence
10.00-10.15Kerstin Nelfelt
 Simultaneous signing and speaking: What happens to prosody?
10.15-10.30Sven Öhman
 Why current speech technology is false phonetics
SESSION 9Ordförande: Björn Granström
11.00-11.15Hartmut Traunmüller
 Size and physiological effort in the production of signed and spoken utterances
11.15-11.30Eeva Koponen
 Phonotactic and word accent cues for speech segmentation
 in Swedish one-year-olds
11.30-11.45Ulla Sundberg
 Consonant specification in infant-directed speech.
 Some preliminary results from a study of VOT in speech to one-year-olds
11.45-12.00Joost van de Weijer
 Vowels in infant- and adult-directed speech
12.00-12.15 Susanne Schötz
 A perceptual study of speaker age
12.15-12.30Victoria Johansson, Merle Horne and Sven Strömqvist
 Final aspiration as a phrase boundary cue in Swedish: the case of att 'that'
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