Workshop Programme

Time: May 12-13, 2016

Location: Room H339, Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University


Thursday, May 12

13.00 Workshop opening


13.05-14.05 Invited speaker: Björn Lundqvist (University of Tromsø)

Default Expectations and Priming in the Processing of Complex Sentences in English and Norwegian


14.05-15.05 Christiane Müller (Lund University) –

Adjunct islands – the case of Mainland Scandinavian




15.30-16.30 Fredrik Heinat & Eva Klingvall (Lund University)

Superadditivity, working memory, and island effects


18.00 Dinner


Friday, May 13


10.00-11.00 Damon Tutunjian & Anna-Lena Wiklund (Lund University)

The role of non-structural factors in the processing of long-distance filler-gap dependencies in Swedish – Two eye tracking studies




11.30-12.30 Invited speaker: Ken Ramshøj Christensen (Aarhus University)

Experimental syntax and island extractions in Danish



12.30-12.35 Workshop closing




Invited speakers:

Associate Professor Ken Ramshøj Christensen,

Department of Aesthetics and Communication (DAC), Section for English,

Aarhus University, MINDLab / Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN), Aarhus University Hospital, DK


Ph.D. Björn Lundquist, Department of Language and Linguistics,

University of Tromsø, NO



Anna-Lena Wiklund, Fredrik Heinat, Eva Klingvall, Damon Tutunjian

Programme (PDF)

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