Paper Sessions


PAPER SESSION I – DECEMBER 12th, 16.30-17.30


Revisiting the Misogyny of Early Cistercians: Bernard or Clairvaux’s Subordinate Bride
and an Alternate Tradition – John Arblaster

Matter and Femininity: A Problem or a Resource? On Giordano Bruno’s Metaphysics – Jonna Bornemark


The Erotic Gaze: Saints and Sadomasochistic Pleasure, Bodily Borders and Liberation of Queer Desire and Christian Theology – Susanne Wigorts Yngvesson


PAPER SESSION II – DECEMBER 13th , 9.00-10.00

2 a

Complexity and Authority: Islamic and Christian Tradition Radically Reclaimed – Teresa Callewaert.

The Female Peacemaker: Remapping Femininities in the Interspace between Traditions –Sara Gehlin

2 b

Unorthodox Sexuality: Repetition, Resistance and Tradition in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac vol. I and II – Mikael Larsson

Gender Bending and (Re)Creating Tradition in Biblical Ethnography – Jennifer Nyström

2 c

Mysticism between the Political and Erotic – Laura Hellsten

Privatized Monasticism: Asceticism as Individualized Spirituality and Obliteration of
the Self – Lovisa Nyman & Ulrika Svalfors


PAPER SESSION III – DECEMBER 13th, 11.00-12.00

3 a

Clerical Sisters and Feminine Priests – Gender Constructions among Catholic
Missionaries in the Nordic Countries in the era of Ultramontanism –Yvonne Maria Werner

The Witch’s Body as the Underside of Christian Tradition: An Exercise in Queer
Redemption – Kristien Justaert

3 b

The Male Savior – Johanna Lundin

Orthodox Theology from Malevich to Pussy Riot – Petra Carlsson

3 c

Kenosis as Ideal – A Problem and a Resource – Jenny Karlsson

The Language of the Triune God – Ninna Edgardh

PAPER SESSION IV – DECEMBER 13th, 15.30-16.30

4 a

Breastfeeding from Christ – Sally Douglas

Gendered Economies of Salvation – Ida Simonsson

4 b

Remapping the Body of Christ and imago Dei: Intersex and Reimagining the ‘One-Sex’ Model – Stephanie A. Budwey

Beyond Birth and Death: Eschatology and Sexual Indifference in the Thought of Erik
Peterson – Mårten Björk

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