Centre for Digital Heritage meeting 2018

3D archives, (re)use and Knowledge production | Lund 18–20 June 2018

The Institute of Archaeology and Ancient History and the Digital Archaeology Laboratory (DARKLab) at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology, Lund University will host the 2018 annual meeting of the Centre for Digital Heritage (CDH). The use of 3D technology for heritage analysis and preservation has contributed to the rapid emergence of a large number of 3D archives (and 3D models), whose production has been expected to trigger a process of data diffusion and democratization amongst cultural heritage specialists. How are these data, once stored, used by other specialists and non professionals to increase our understanding of the past? How are these new types of information affecting our perception of material culture? And what is the impact of these new infrastructures on society? The 2018 annual meeting of the Centre for Digital Heritage will explore how 3D models and Archives are currently used (re-)used to gain new knowledge in the Cultural heritage. The aim of the meeting is to encourage different specialists who are currently producing, managing and using three dimensional data to discuss future strategies of 3D data archives for facilitating use and reuse of those libraries among different fields of the cultural heritage sector and creating new narratives. The event will be organized within the framework of the Centre for Digital Heritage https://www.york.ac.uk/digital-heritage/, an international research centre that brings together researchers from the Universities of Aarhus (Denmark), Leiden (Netherlands), Lund (Sweden), Uppsala (Sweden), Zhejiang University (China) and the University of York (UK) to undertake interdisciplinary research in Digital Heritage, including data management, analysis and visualisation. The Centre is open to all researchers working in these exciting fields and to their external collaborators. The CDH annual meeting will take place the 18 and 19 of June and it will end the 20th of June hosting  two events- the DATA workshop & the CARARE workshop. 

Important dates

15 December 2017
Registration and Call for papers open 15 May 2018
Early bird registration closes 10 June 2018
Regular registration closes 15 March 2018
Call for papers closes
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