Photo: Irene Pelayo.
Apart from the hotel suggestions mentioned to you earlier, we have received the following hotel offers for you to consider. The prices include breakfast, WiFi and VAT and all three hotels are situated in the centre of Lund.
    Hotel Concordia will keep rooms for you for a special price until 7 October. If you arrive on Thursday (7 November) a single standard room will cost 1 225 SEK and over the weekend (Friday 8, Saturday 9) 895 SEK each night (Double room 200 SEK more). Please mention booking reference: "Lunds Universitet 20131107".

    Hotel Lundia offer single rooms for 1369 SEK for Thursday, and then 695 SEK for Friday and Saturday. Please mention booking reference: 88450. There are no rooms reserved specially for you, so the offer is only valid as long as there are rooms available.

    Hotell Ahlström is a small hotel with moderate prices (by Lund/Swedish standards): 499 SEK for single and 670 SEK for double rooms. (These prices are valid for Friday and Saturday, and also Thursday if you stay three nights.) The rooms have a washbasin, but shower and toilet are in the corridor. They will keep their rooms (16) for us until 7 October. Please mention "ECREA Lund" when you make reservations.

    Other hotels in Lund which we can recommend are:
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