Practical info

Well before the conference we will use this page to give you more detailed information about the programme and venues. However, please let us know if there is anything you need to know already at this point.


Please register on arrival at The Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL-Centrum). You will find the registration desk at the end of the corridor, on the left-hand side of the SOL-Centrum reception desk. Registration will be between 12.00 and 13.20. (Should you arrive later, between 13.20 and 16.00, you can register at the SOL reception, and should you arrive even later, after 16.00, just join us at a panel session, and then ask anyone of the Lund University delegates to help you during the next break.)


All rooms for the parallel sessions, as well as the Auditorium for the keynotes, are located along the corridor on the left-hand side of the SOL-centrum reception desk. First, you will find H140, then H135a, H135b and finally the Auditorium. Registration and coffee breaks will be held outside of the Auditorium. The reception on Friday evening, as well as the lunch on Saturday will be in the SOL café/restaurant located just opposite the SOL reception.

Conference team

During the conference, you are welcome to ask any one of the Lund Film Studies’ delegates about the information you need. During registration before the conference, 12.00-13.20, you will find us at the registration desk. During the conference you will find at least one of us in each session, and all of us during breaks. We are delighted to help you. Lund Film Sudies’ delegates present are: PhD Students Aténé Mendelyté and Emil Stjernholm, lecturers Elisabet Björklund, Olof Hedling and Anders Marklund, and Professors Lars Gustaf Andersson, Erik Hedling and Ann-Kristin Wallengren. Also present and able to answer questions is Laura Rascaroli, co-chair of ECREA Film Studies section.

Panel sessions and chairs

Each session allows each presenter 20 minutes. This is a strict time limit. The papers will be presented in the order mentioned in the programme, allowing persons to move between panels. However, please note that the order may have to be altered without notice. We ask the chairs of each session to introduce each presenter with name, affiliation and paper title. We wish to keep introductions brief, and instead use the time for papers and discussion. If panellists wish to add further information, for example about their current research projects, they are welcome to do so during their presentations. We advise chairs to indicate to presenters when five and two minutes remain of their presentations – and when the 20 minutes expires. A prompt conclusion allows other panellists time for their presentations. Discussions will be held at the end of the session, after all papers have been given, and will be facilitated by the chairs. We look forward to lively and rewarding discussions. Chairs should end the panel on time – discussions may, of course, be continued over coffee/lunch/break.

Computers, DVD player, Internet access

Technology for your presentation. Each lecture room will be equipped with a DVD player and a computer (PC) – as well as projector and loudspeakers. If possible, bring your digital material on a memory stick, rather than on your own laptop. Let us know if you have any questions regarding technology. Internet access, alternative 1. When you register at the conference you will get a personal user-id and password allowing you to access the Lund University Wireless Network. This is how it will work: 1. Start your computer. 2. Select the wireless network named LU weblogon. 3. Enter the common network password lu2013-2 4. Start a web browser and go to the desired web page. 6. Log in with your personal user-id and password given to you by the conference staff. Internet access, alternative 2. Lund University is a member of the worldwide roaming access service Eduroam. If you haven’t done so already (and if your university is also an Eduroam member), please ask your university’s IT staff for support with setting it up on your laptop or other devices, and you will be able to access internet as soon as you open your laptop.
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