Restaurants and sights/museums


During the conference days you may probably need no additional food, but if you arrive early or stay longer or just want to continue the evening over a meal, these are some suggestions. They are all located in the centre of Lund.

Mat och destillat:

Klostergatans Vin & Delikatess:


Klostergatans fisk (fish):

Rå Epok (sushi):

Gattostretto (Italian):

V.E.S.P.A. (pizza etc):

Mui Gong (Chinese):

New Delhi (Indian):

Stortorget (pub food):

Gloria’s (pub food):


If you have additional time to spend in Lund, these are some sights/museums worth a visit:

Skissernas museum (Museum of public art):

Lund Cathedral:

Kulturen (Cultural history):

Historiska museet (historical museum):


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