IASS has negociated special prices for the conference at the following hotels:

Single room 1295 SEK/night incl. breakfast
Booking number: -LUN030810

Single room 1135 SEK incl. breakfast
Booking numbers: -LUN030810

Single room(weekdays) 1115 SEK incl. breakfast
Single room(Holidays) 895 SEK incl. breakfast
Booking number: 25302

Hotell Ahlström / Gräddhyllan
Single room 550 SEK bathroom & shower in corridor
Dubbelrum 700 SEK bathroom & shower in corridor
Booking number: IASS

Hotell Sparta
Single room 425  SEK
Booking via Per Erik Ljung

Youth Hostel
160 SEK member
210 SEK non member
sheets 60
breakfast 60

Except for Hotell Sparta all rooms are booked by the conference member. The prize is guaranteed until March 31 2010.

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