Registration Information

Registration is closed.
Registration Fees
    •    Early Bird (until March 15th) Student: 1000 SEK
    •    Early Bird (until March 15th) Faculty: 1500 SEK 
    •    Student (after March 15th): 1250 SEK
    •    Faculty (after March 15th): 2000 SEK 
Conference Dinner     •    Conference Dinner Fee: 500 SEK 
Registration fees include lunches and coffee/tea. 

Please note that a 25% VAT will be added to all the fees, including the conference dinner. Exemption from VAT is only allowed if payment is made directly from one Swedish government authority to another Swedish government authority (i.e. if you are employed by a Swedish University that is paying your registration fee). Participants from the EU can request reimbursement of the VAT charge via their local tax authority. More information about VAT reimbursements available on the European Commission website.
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