The easiest way to reach Lund is via the Copenhagen International Airport, Kastrup (CPH). Regular trains leave for Malmö and Lund every twenty minutes. The trip to Lund takes approximately 45 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the airport (one way ticket for Lund costs ca. €15). You can buy this either from the Danish Railway company DSB, or from "Skånetrafiken" - look for red-colored machines. Be sure to buy tickets for the entire journey to Lund before you enter the train (tickets cannot be brought on the train, and if you travel without a ticket, you will have to pay a high penality). You may need to show your passport to the Swedish police at the first train stop, so have this prepared.  When you reach the  train station in Lund, most things are in walking distance and we do not recommend taking a taxi, as much of central Lund is pedestrian. The map to the right shows the way from the station and from Concordia hotel to the venue (SOL).
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