Two excursions are planned for the conference. Both starts and ends by the LUX Building where the venue takes place. The weather in September in Scania is usually pleasant, but be prepared for rain and wind.

September 4 (Friday): Uppåkra

Afternoon excursion to visit the Iron Age site Uppåkra between 14:30 – 17:00.

September 5 (Saturday): Eastern Scania

On the Saturday there will be a full-day excursion to eastern Scania, to visit sites of archaeological and botanical interest. Lunch bag, coffee/tea breaks with snacks and fruits will be provided for during the excursion. Departure from LUX Building at 9:00 and returning to Lund at 16:00.

Sidansvarig: nag2020ark.luse | 2020-02-28