Bridging Language Acquisition and Language Policy Symposium

17 - 18 June 2015 Lund University Centre for Languages and Literature Lund, Sweden
The Bridging Language Acquisition and Language Policy symposium explores intersections between two research fields: language policy and language acquisition, which together inform language acquisition planning. The aim of the symposium is to facilitate dialogue about what researchers in the two fields should know about core issues and findings in each other’s areas in order to strengthen and inform endeavors around language acquisition planning. There is a salient need for such dialog because researchers in these two fields together have the potential to influence how politicians and educators create policies that affect how children and adults learn languages for academic, economic, and other purposes. The underlying premise of the symposium, then, is that language acquisition planning work can be enhanced by sociologists of language and language acquisition researchers mutually raising awareness about the cognitive, sociocultural, and political contexts in which (mother tongue, foreign, and second) language use, acquisition, and teaching take place. By engaging with research work across the two fields, researchers can strengthen their abilities to inform policy stakeholders such as legislators, curriculum planners, educational administrators, teachers, parents, and other community members.

Keynote Speakers

Christine Hélot – University of Strasbourg, France Elizabeth Lanza – University of Oslo, Norway Diane Larsen-Freeman – University of Michigan, USA Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole – Florida International University, USA

Organizing Committee

Francis M. Hult, Lund University Tanja Kupisch, University of Konstanz Maarja Siiner, University of Tartu

Scientific Committee

Alia Amir, Linköping University Mette S. Andersen, Copenhagen Business School Kara Brown, University of South Carolina Kimberly Chopin, University of Copenhagen Peter de Costa, Michigan State University Slobodanka Dimova, University of Copenhagen Tina Gunnarsson, Lund University Marc-Olivier Hinzelin, University of Hamburg Anne Holmen, University of Copenhagen Francis M. Hult, Lund University David Cassels Johnson, University of Iowa Marie Källkvist, Mälardalen University Kadri Koreinik, University of Tartu Tanja Kupisch, University of Konstanz Conxita Lleó, University of Hamburg Mary McGroarty, Northern Arizona University Janus Mortensen, Roskilde University Katherine Mortimer, University of Texas at El Paso Åsa Palviainen, University of Jyväskylä Tanja Rinker, University of Konstanz Shannon Sauro, Malmö University Maarja Siiner, University of Tartu Rita Elaine Silver, National Institute of Education, Singapore Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen, Copenhagen Business School Wayne E. Wright, Purdue University


The symposium is jointly hosted by the Language Acquisition Research Group at the Lund University Centre for Languages and Literature and the Danish Language Policy Network with support provided by the Birgit Rausing Language Programme and the Foundation for Danish-Swedish Co-operation.

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