Preparing your talks and posters

(1)               Posters  
Each poster is allotted one frame, which has space for 1 sheet of A0 size (i.e. a width of 841 mm and a height of 1189 mm). Naturally, you can dispose of this area in any way you wish (max 4 x A2 sheets, 8 x A3 sheets etc.).

Please note that you will need to bring your poster with you, as we do not have the possibility of printing anything larger than A3.
(2)               Electronic presentations
If you use Powerpoint, please bring your presentation on a USB stick, so that we can easily copy it over to the main conference computer. Please also make a back-up PDF version of your presentation. Also, please use only commonly available fonts.
(3)               Handouts
If you would like us to prepare photocopies of your handouts beforehand, please send us ( a PDF of the handout by Monday, Sep 6th, and we will attend to this. Please note that we can only prepare black and white copies. If you prefer to bring your own handouts, we anticipate that the total number required will be approximately 100 copies (for 50 delegates, and the sessions will also be open to colleagues from the university).
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