Schedule Symposium in Honour of Adam Kendon, Sept. 7, an online webinar

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14.00-14.10Gullberg, Graziano, SeyfeddinipurWelcome and introduction
14.10-14.35Alan Rumsey & Robert Attenborough

From atop a red hill in Central Australia: Antipodean reflections on the life and work of Adam Kendon

14.35-15.00Jennifer GreenInvestigating the signed languages of Aboriginal Australia
15.00-15.25Cornelia MüllerGesture families: Evolving networks of proto-linguistic patterns in the visual modality of gestural body movements?
15.25-15.50Sotaro KitaThe origin of “co-speech gesture” and qualitative gesture research in the Gesture Project at Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
15.50-16.15Maria GrazianoFrom mentor to friend: a tribute to “il mio professore”
16.30-16.55Jürgen StreeckHomo Faber’s Languaging
16.55-17.20Ian CrossMusic and speech as affiliative communicative interaction
17.20-17.45Heather BrookesGesture: An ecological perspective
17.45-18.10Marianne GullbergGestures, language, and learning and the Kendonian refusal of dichotomies
18.20-18.45Jennifer GerwingMentoring independent junior scholarship: A fine balance
18.45-19.10David McNeillGrowth points and Wide Semiotic-Webs: An email conversation with Adam
19.10-19.35Mandana SeyfeddinipurTeaching minds, touching lives: Adam's legacy
19.35-20.00Olga CapirciAdam Kendon and his offer of a bridge towards a new and challenging landscape
20.00-20.15Gullberg, Graziano, SeyfeddinipurClosing remarks
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