Accommodation in Kivik

We suggest that you make reservations at Hanöbris Hotel and Hostel. The Hostel is within walking distance from the conference venue. As Kivik is a popular summer resort we strongly advise you to contact the Hostel/Hotel very soon in order to make your reservation. Other alternatives may be found at or by contacting the conference administration. Some direct links are found below, too. Hostel contact information Hanöbris Hostel home page , unfortunately, is only available in Swedish. The owners, however, will be happy to answer any questions and receive bookings in English via e-mail and phone: +46 – (0) 414-700 50 Questions can also be sent by e-mail to the conference administration ( ) Room rates at Hanöbris are as follows: 650 SEK/night for a room with two beds with a toilet (shared shower available in the hallway) 750 SEK/night for a room with two beds with a toilet and shower An added fee of 50 SEK/night is applicable when the room is shared by two guests. 1200 SEK/night +  50 SEK/person for a room with four beds with a toilet and shower Members in Svenska Turistföreningen ( receive a reduced price comprising 50 SEK/person and night, hence the variance according to the number of guests in each room. A fee of 100 SEK/stay is applicable for rent of bed linen A fee of 100 SEK/stay is applicable for cleaning Breakfast buffet is 70 SEK/day Further alternatives These are links to some other alternatives for acccomodation . Most links are in Swedish, though, so please don't hesitate to contact the conference administration for assistance. Systrarna på Kivik Kaptenshuset B&B:<//a> Killegårdens B&B:<//a> Kivikstrand hotell, vandrarhem och café: Kiviks Hotell:
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