Travelling to Kivik

Ways to reach Kivik


The conference committee assumes that people arriving from within Sweden are acquainted with the Swedish system for booking trains and finding out the itineraries for buses. Hence the instructions below are for those arriving by air. Please do not hesitate, however, to contact the conference for further instructions if you are travelling within Sweden and have any questions. The conference is scheduled to start early on Sunday morning and to end with a final discussion at lunch on the last day. Airport The nearest international airport is Copenhagen (Kastrup) airport in Denmark. From the airport From Kastrup there is a direct train to Malmö (and onwards to Lund and parts of southern Sweden). Travel from Malmö to Kivik is either
  • by train to Simrishamn and connecting bus to Kivik or
  • by train to Kristianstad and a connecting bus to Kivik.
You will have to change trains in Malmö to go to Simrishamn. There is a direct train from Copenhagen to Kristianstad but the trip is longer (hence more travel time). You find the alternative itineraries for travelling between Copenhagen and Kivik on the following page: Note that this search engine gives you all available alternatives. Since there are also alternatives involving multiple changes between buses and trains we advise you to make sure to check the travel time and how many changes are involved before you decide on a route! Considering the distance and the number of transfers involved is wise to play it safe and plan to take a bus that leaves a bit earlier than absolutely necessary according to schedule. As you will notice there is a  2,5 - 3 hour bus and train trip involved before you reach Kivik on arriving and, vice versa, before you reach the airport upon leaving. Tickets for trains and busesNote that all tickets must be purchased BEFORE entering a train or bus. You will find instructions on how and where to buy your tickets here: You should be able to pay a ticket for the whole way from Malmö to Kivik at Malmö train station if not already at Kastrup airport (Copehagen).  Detailed instructions for use of the search engine Most things on the search engine page are in English but not all so, to be safe, here are detailed instructions on how to find out what the possible itineraries are:
In the grey box to the far left entitled "Reseplaneraren" you write your travel details:
  • For travel alternatives from Copenhagen airport to Kivik you write "Kastrup" in the box for Departure. You chose the first alternative in the scroll list which will be: "Köpenhamns Flygplats Kastrup [Hållplats]"
  • In the arrival box you write "Kivik" and chose the first alternative in the scroll box which is "Kivik torget [Hållplats]"
Choose Departure or Arrival for the desired time (24-hour) and put in the date you're travelling in the last box (format: YYMMDD). To check the schedule for a return trip, click the button above the itinerary. Do not forget to change the time and whether that time should be departure time or arrival time. The symbols in the itinerary are
  • yellow bus for the Express bus "SkåneExpressen"
  • round red symbol for the trains from Copenhagen "Öresundstågen"
  •  purple train symbol for the local trains "Pågatågen".
If a warning, "Risk för förseningar", turns up this indicates that there is a risk of delays, usually due to repair work. You should then make sure to leave some extra space for such a delay in your travel planning. Please do not hesitate to ask if anything is unclear. For the organizing committee,
Maria Persson,
Lund and Uppsala universities.
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