Thursday 11th of January (15.00-19.45)

13.30-14.30: Lunch at SOL-café for early arrivals 14.30-15.00: Conference registration in Biskopshuset (Biskopsgatan 1, 223 62 Lund) 15.00-15.15: Welcome and introduction by dean prof. Johannes Persson, prof. Arne Jönsson, and conference secretary Aske D. Poulsen Session I (15.15-17.15): Coming to Terms with the Principate – chaired by prof. Christina S. Kraus

15.15-15.45: prof. Kai Ruffing (Kassel): “Principatus ac libertas!? Tacitus, the past and the principate of Traianus”.

15.45-16.15: Rachel Love (Yale): “In Short, The Republic: (Re)Writing the Republic in Imperial Historiography”.

16.15-16.45: dr. Ellen O’Gorman (Bristol): “Sensing the Republic in Tacitus”.

16.45-17.15: questions and discussion

Coffee break (17.15-17.45) Session II (17.45-19.45): Monuments in Livy and Pompeii – chaired by prof. Kai Ruffing 

17.45-18.15: prof. Christina S. Kraus (Yale): “Livy’s Faliscan schoolmaster (5.26-7)”.

18.15-18.45: prof. Dennis Pausch (Dresden): “Livy’s Battle in the Forum between Roman monuments and Greek literature”.

18.45-19.15: prof. Anne-Marie Leander Touati (Lund): “Hands on – historic perception and use of history in Rome and Pompeii”.

19.15-19.45: questions and discussion

Conference dinner for speakers and invited guests in Biskopshuset (20.00-22.00)  Friday 12th of January (09.30-18.00) Session III (09.30-10.50): Drama and Invention– chaired by dr. Ellen O’Gorman

09.30-10.00: prof. Rhiannon Ash (Oxford): “Exit Pursued by a Bear: Tacitus’ Nero, Agrippina, and the Dramatic Turn”.

10.00-10.30: dr. Ulrike Roth (Edinburgh): “No dim Spaniards: Numantia, the Caudine Forks, and the (late) making of Marcus Furius Camillus’ legal armoury”.

10.30-10.50: questions and discussion

Coffee break (10.50-11.10) Session IV (11.10-13.10): Windows to the Past – chaired by prof. Dennis Pausch

11.10-11.40: dr. Simon Malloch (Nottingham): “Past and Present in the Annals of Tacitus”.

11.40-12.10: dr. Kyle Khellaf (Yale): “Settling the Margins: Myth and Migration in the Roman Historical Digression”.

12.10-12.40: dr. Edwin Shaw (Bristol): “Talking and not talking about Carthage in Sallust’s Bellum Jugurthinum”.

12.40-13.10: questions and discussion

Lunch for speakers and invited guests in Biskopshuset (13.10-14.30) Session V (14.30-16.30): Death, Murder and Mourning – chaired by prof. Rhiannon Ash

14.30-15.00: dr. habil Boris Dunsch (Marburg), “Significant Deaths: The Endgames of Seneca and Petronius in Tacitus’ Annals”.

15.00-15.30: dr. Christopher Whitton (Cambridge): “Mos antiquus then and now: Tacitus on master-murder (Annals 14.42-5)”.

15.30-16.00: dr. Johan Vekselius (Lund): “Grief and Genre: The Mourning of Tiberius”.

16.00-16.30: questions and discussion

Coffee break (16.30-16.50) Session VI (16.50-18.10): Effects of Empire – chaired by dr. habil. Boris Dunsch

16.50-17.20: Aske D. Poulsen (Lund): “Solitudo from Calgacus to Thrasea Paetus, or was it the other way around?”

17.20-17.50: dr. Peter Fibiger Bang (Copenhagen): “Locating Livy’s Republic in the Empire – from Machiavelli to Elias”.

17.50-18.10: questions and final discussion

Dinner for speakers and invited guests in the city centre (20.00-23.00)
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