Welcome to: The 5th Conference on Church Leadership and Management of Change

To be held April 20th-22nd 2016

Conference venue: LUX Center for Humanities and Theology, Helgonavägen 3, Lund University, Lund, Sweden Management of Meaning in Times of Organizational Change The Nordic folk churches and many other majority churches are in the midst of restructuring as a result of church reforms and general changes in society. As all major changes this causes hope, frustration and confusion.
The conference language is English.

Conference theme

Research in the field of organizational change is abundant on public and private sector, but minimal on religious organizations like majority churches. Thus there is a need for theoretical reflection and empirical research on processes of change in church organizations.The conference aims to contribute knowledge about the conditions for managing change in church organizations, focusing on the meaning making aspects of leadership and management. In this respect language and discourse are powerful tools to construct meaning and context, in order to shape reality rather than simply reproduce it in times of organizational change.
LUX, Lund University
LUX, Lund University
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