Paper sessions

Wednesday April 20, 15.30-17.00    
1a (New) Theoretical perspectives on church leadership Stephen Sirris Bridging divergent logics? The hybridization of Norwegian deans as professional leaders and organizational managers
  Per Kristian Aschim A system of professions in the Church?
  Kati Niemelä Can the theory of intergenerational religious momentum explain the growing issue of church leaving among young adults in Northern Europe? Reflections from a 10-year longitudinal study in Finland
1b Management of meaning in processes of organizational change Bim Riddersporre and Jonas Alwall Management of meaning in major organizational change – the case of Malmö parish
  Christo Lombard Discernment as spirituality en route: the case of change management in church context
  Johanna Gustafsson Lundberg and Bim Riddersporre Framing, meaning and normative control in church leadership dilemmas
Thursday April 21, 11.00-12.30    
2a New Public management Karen Marie Leth-Nissen Reform through Marketization: Ecclesiological Identity in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark
  Per Pettersson Challenges to Church management by the dominating Neoliberal Market fundamentalism – the case of deregulated welfare in Sweden
  Helén Lundberg Funeral pastorals in the Church of Sweden
  Maria Åkerström Prerequisites for entrepreneurship in the Church of Sweden from an organizational perspective
2b Value-based leadership Ulrika Svalfors The governance of knowledge processes. A study of spiritual leadership in a congregation of the Swedish Church
  Harald Askeland Leadership and value work in religious and faith-based organizations: Toward an integrated model
  Anne-Claire Mulder Religious authority in faith communities, tensions between being an authority and being in authority
2c Church leadership and working environment Kati Niemelä Clergy work orientation profiles and wellbeing at work: A study of the Lutheran clergy in Finland
  Camilla Sløk In search of meaning: Contradictions in the organization of the Danish National Evangelical Lutheran Church
Thursday April 21, 13.30-15.00    
3a Case studies on church leadership and pastoral career Elisabeth Hartman ”Closing down the church on the block – The process of closing down the parish satellite church.”
  Wim Vandewiele Leadership and quality of monastic community life challenged by societal transitions. An ethnographic case-study of the Trappist community of the Abbey of Sint-Sixtus
  Aura Nortomaa Living ministerial vocation meaningfully in times of fragmented employment: a future challenge for church organizations
3b Ecclesiological perspectives on church leadership and management of meaning Harald Askeland and Stephen Sirris Majorstua+ as Youth Cathedral: A case of framing arena-based Christian communities
  Kerstin Wenzel Small numbers, wide space – pastors amidst the changes in the East German churches
  Niclas Blåder Views of obstacles and possibilities in church boards - as seen from within
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