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About Lund

Lund, situated in the centre of the attractive and expansive √Ėresund region in southern Sweden, is one of the oldest cities in Sweden with a history more than one thousand years old. Over the centuries it has earned a reputation for being a place where people meet, and, today, more than ever, Lund is a meeting place for ideas and creativity. Here, the university, science-park, multicultural atmosphere and historical surroundings make up a unique combination. This, along with its central situation, has turned Lund into an international city where ideas are born - ideas that build enterprises and achieve success both nationally and internationally. Founded in 1666, Lund University is today one of the largest, oldest and broadest universities in Scandinavia and is consistently ranked among the world's top 100 universities. Lund University has an excellent academic reputation with a large number of visiting professors and international students.


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