The Sixth International Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC 6)

Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, April 20-22, 2017

We invite abstracts for theme sessions, oral presentations and posters related to, but not limited to, the following topics in the area of Language and Cognition:

  • Language use and social interaction
  • Linguistic relativity
  • Language and culture
  • Discourse and cognition
  • Perception, cognition and language
  • Language acquisition and cognition
  • Language and cognitive development and evolution
  • Language and consciousness
  • Language and gesture
  • Language change and cognition
  • Linguistic typology and cognition
  • Multicultural communication and cognition
  • Neuro- and psycholinguistic approaches to language and cognition
  • Translation and cognition
  • Cognitive impairment and language use
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