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How to get to Lund

By Air

The closest international airport to Lund is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup). There are train connections between Kastrup and Lund and the journey takes around 30 minutes on the Öresund train. Please note that tickets cannot be purchased onboard the train so you should buy the tickets in advance at the airport. This can be done from the Skånetrafiken or DSB ticket machines or at the DSB ticket office. PS! There are temporary passport controls on the train platform at Copenhagen Airport and at the first stop on the Swedish side (Hyllie). Please make sure to have a valid passport or ID-card with you. The closest local airport to Lund is Malmö Sturup. Sturup has some international flights from within Europe and Sweden, including Stockholm. There are bus connections between Sturup and Lund and the journey takes around 45 minutes.

By Rail

Lund Central station is located on the main railway line from Malmö to several different destinations such as Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Swedish Railways (SJ) and regional rail lines serve the station.


There are several hotels within walking distance of the university. Some of them are listed below. Hotel ConcordiaHotel LundiaHotel OskarHotell Nordic LundLilla Hotellet (The Little Hotel)Winstrup Hostel
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