Sigwriting 2008

Welcome to the 11th international conference of the EARLI Special Interest Group on Writing

Following successful meetings in Padua, Paris, Freiburg, Utrecht, Barcelona, Poitiers, Verona, Stafford, Geneva and Anwerp we are pleased to announce that The 11th International Conference of the EARLI Special Interest Group on Writing will be held at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Sweden, from the 11th to the 13th of June 2008. Earlier conferences have included contributions on topics like academic writing, text analysis, cognitive processes in writing, writing development, collaborative writing, creative writing, writing instruction, computer supported writing, social and cultural aspects of writing, motivational and emotional factors in writing, writing to learn, writing media, writing research methodology, written communication etc. Presentation on these topics as well as other writing related topics will be given. The program is now available. Click on "program" in the menue to the left. We look forward to seeing you in Lund.
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