Call for Papers

The EARLI Special Interest Group of Writing invites proposals to the 11th biennial SIG Writing conference to be held at the Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden. The aim of the SIG Writing conferences is to promote interaction among researchers who are interested in understanding the cognitive, social and developmental processes involved in writing, who are concerned with designing writing instruction in various educational settings, or with exploring the functions of writing in different social and institutional contexts. The scope of the conferences has typically been very broad, and we hope to draw together once again a wide range of researchers and professionals in the area of writing. We would therefore welcome submissions of individual papers, posters symposia and computer presentations on various topics of writing present in past SIG Writing events, as well as on topics not dealt with previously.
  1. Academic writing
  2. Text analysis
  3. Cognitive processes in writing
  4. Writing development
  5. Instruction
  6. Collaborative writing
  7. Computer supported writing
  8. Creative writing
  9. Social and cultural aspects of writing
  10. Motivational and emotional factors in writing
  11. Writing to learn
  12. Writing media
  13. Writing research methodology
  14. Different aspects of written communication
  15. Other aspects of writing
 The submission system is now closed.
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