The Centre for Languages and Literature at the University of Lund hereby invites scholars (including doctoral students) from the Baltic Region to the Annual International COLLOQUIUM BALTICUM, to be held at the Centre for Languages and Literature on November 8-10, 2012.

Theme: Greek and Roman antiquity and its reception in the Baltic region. Languages: English and German. Length of individual report: up to 20 minutes Preliminary notification: Please inform us as soon as possible, before June 1st, about your intention to participate. Your applications should be sent to Astrid Nilsson. Deadline: The title of your intended presentation, a short abstract and other information necessary for the registration is required on September 1st at the latest. Registration: All applicants are requested to present the following information: first name and family name, academic degree, name of organization/institution, postal address, e-mail address and title of the presentation. (Kindly remember that the final presentation title is needed by September 1st.) This information, as well as any questions you may have, should be sent to Astrid Nilsson. Accommodation: We provide accommodation for scholars (including doctoral students), as well as lunch and refreshments for everyone. We are happy to assist you in arranging accommodation for students, but we are regrettably not able to cover the expenses for it, nor the travel expenses for anyone. We plan to start the Colloquium at 18.00 on November 8th  with the Dean’s welcoming address and to finish at about lunch time on Saturday. A tour of the city may be arranged for early arrivers. Warm greetings from Lund! On behalf of the Organizing Committee Astrid Nilsson Secretary of the Organizing Committee
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