The Joanna Renc-Roe Award

– for pushing the boundaries of SoTL

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is a growing movement. It is growing geographically, conceptually, and methodologically, because of people contributing to the SoTL community. Some individuals push the boundaries and open up new frontiers. Joanna Renc-Roe was such a person. From her position at The Central European University in Budapest where she worked for 13 years, she inspired academics to engage in SoTL, not only in central and eastern Europe but further into central Asia, the Middle East, and the world. Joanna was a force, an inspiration, and an excellent ambassador for SoTL. She sadly passed away in April 2016, and we miss her dearly. For a fuller account of Joanna’s legacy, as a colleague and a professional, please read the obituary published on the Central European University website: You can also visit to see Joanna and other prominent SoTL-scholars explain their views on central SoTL perspectives. The Joanna Renc-Roe Award is presented during each EuroSoTL conference to the contribution that distinguishes itself for pushing the boundaries of SoTL. The nature of the award is an honourable recognition and a diploma, presented to the authors of the selected contribution during each conference. Procedure 1. The conference committee appoints three experienced, prominent, and established members of the SoTL community (the assessors), who are present at the EuroSoTL conference. 2. The assessors shall out of all contributions to the conference choose one that distinguishes itself by pushing the boundaries of SoTL. 3. Information about the reward is included in the conference material and the award winner is presented at the conference.
Sidansvarig: roy.anderssoncs.lthse | 2017-05-31