Common dinners

Time & PlacePlaceMealCost
Saturday, October 16SOL CentreVarious kinds of herrings, sallad and cheese, incl. some aquavit and wine/beer/water250 SEK
Sunday, October 17SpartaBanquet: Deer, potatoes and vegetables, apple cake, incl. wine350 SEK
Monday, October 18SOL CentreItalian buffet dinner, incl. wine250 SEK
All meals have to be ordered in advance, deadline October 1st, and be paid when you register. We will try to accomodate late-comers but can’t guarantee it - so please make up your mind - and tell us. To sign up for these meals, you need to log in on the Registration page (if you have forgotten your password, there is a facility to have a new one sent to your email address), and choose the Edit Personal Data-link. There you will find a checkbox for each of the meals listed above. Tick the boxes for ther meals you are interested in, and then the Continue-button on the very bottom of the page. You then get a chance to review your data, and not until you press Save on that page is your changes saved/meal booked. Please note that if you are accompanied by someone who is not a registered participant, you will need to notify us by email if they wish to participate in any of the meals. Deadline is still October 1st! Until the deadline on October 1st, you can go back and uncheck a meal if your plans change. Note that after the deadline, you can no longer do so.
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