Second circular

Hotel information and title of paper

Dear Colleagues,
In the 1st circular I asked you kindly to give me information about your need for hotel rooms during conference dates. Very few of you have answered this and I therefore ask you again to answer the following:
Hotel Sparta, single room SEK (=Swedish crowns) 657
double room SEK 890, breakfast included. We have reserved 25 double rooms and 25 single rooms, i.e. 75 beds.The double rooms can of course also be used for single occupancy but at the price for a double room. By now we have 50 participants. We have also reserved, as an extra security, 10 single rooms at Planetstaden Lund, SEK 982. We try to accomodate everybody at Sparta, which is within walking distance from the conference site at our department. Arrival date: October 15th, departure: October 19th. If you have other needs, please tell us and wait for our confirmation.

1. Do you wish to have a single room?
2. Would you like to double up with somebody:
a: Name of spouse and participant:
b: Do you want us to find somebody. In case you suspect that we can´t be sure from you name whether you are male or female, please inform us!

For the sake of judging rooms for meetings - which should be done now for the autumn term - please give us the preliminary title of your paper, or in case you don´t have that yet, the field of your contribution. This for the sake of enabling us to assess the amount of papers and sessions.

This information should be added to your registration page in the field "Other Information".

For those of you who have already given us the hotel information, you don´t need to do it again!
Sidansvarig: itht.luse | 2010-04-27