Hotel reservation

In order to be able to reserve rooms for you at the hotel, we need you to submit the details about your stay at the hotel, as well as credit card details - these will not be used by us, but by the hotel as a guarantee if you do not show up as you have booked. We have prepared a form for you to fill in these details. We have given a lot of attention to keeping the data you send to us via the internet secure; but if you still hesitate to do so, you are most welcome to send the information to us by surface mail; direct the letter to: Lund University
Centre for Languages and Literature Attn: Inga-Lill Hansson
P.O.Box 201
SE-221 00 Lund
Even if you opt to send us the information by surface mail, we would like you to fill in the rest of the information in the form. There is a checkbox to check that you will be using surface mail for the credit card details. Please note that we cannot reserve a room for you until we have received this information. Important:In order to minimize the risk that your data gets hijacked in cyperspace, we have chosen to place the form on an encrypted page; however, all encrypted pages need a certificate, and unfortunately ours did not arrive in time. Therefore, in order to be able to encrypt your data, we have been forced to use a self-signed certificate. Most web browsers will report such a self-signed certificate as invalid or unsafe. Thus you will most likely be met with a dialogue stating that the page you are about to visit is invalid or unsafe; and you will need to deliberately choose to continue to the page, or to add a security exception to reach the page. This is most unfortunate, but the only other option would have been to not use encryption, meaning that your data would have been open for reading for anyone with the least bit of know-how.
Please click here and accept to go on to the "unsecure" page.
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