Fourth circular

Dear Colleagues,

1. We plan to have a preliminary program on the home page by Tuesday next week.

2. We will also make a list of participants with hotel reservations, with arrival and departure, and also for those wanted to double up and we do our best.

3. We will also then give a preliminary price list for common meals in the evenings of October 16, 17 and 18. The banquette will be on Sunday, with a recception, after the Karlgren symposiusm.

4. We will start on Saturday October 16th and end on Monday evening October 18th..

I am personally sorry about being slightly late as I had an accident by mid August and was hospitalized and operated upon. I am back now, on crutches, and look forward to seeing you all.

People are still calling on us to cancel or to register. We kindly ask those of you who have note yet given us adequate information about attending as we will on Monday cancel those who still haven't. We will of course try our best in case you later change your mind.

Inga-Lill Hansson
on behalf of the organizing committee.
Sidansvarig: itht.luse | 2010-09-02