Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As soon as you start asking various practical questions about GLOW 36, we will start posting those questions and answers that we think others would also benefit from reading.

The weather in Lund in April

Question: What's the weather usually like in Lund in April? Answer: This is quite impossible to say, unfortunately. It can be really sunny and nice, but it's also possible that it's quite cold, with rain or even snow. You cannot know anything for sure about the weather in Sweden in April. We talk about "April weather", which basically refers to the fact that you can sometimes experience all sorts of weather types on the same day.

Non-anonymous abstract?

Question It says in the call for papers that authors are supposed to submit two copies of their abstracts, one anynymous and one non-anonymous. However, this is not possible to do in EasyChair, i.e. you can only upload one abstract.
Answer Sorry for the conflicting information. At this stage you should only upload the anonymous version of your abstract. If your abstract is accepted for presentation at GLOW, you will be asked to submit a non-anonymous copy for the GLOW newsletter, etc.

"Abstract" and keywords

Question EasyChair wants me to provide a short abstract in the box and also keywords. However, the GLOW instructions tell me that this is not necessary. What should I do to get round this problem? Answer If your abstract (i.e. your anonymous abstract in the form of a PDF file) cannot be uploaded otherwise, plase write . in the abstract box and .,  .. and ... (i.e. three differnt dummy keywords, one on each line) in the keyword box.

Limit on number of abstracts

Question How many GLOW abstracts can one indiviual scholar be involved in? Answer One individual and one joint abstract per event (Colloquium and workshps - at most 5+5) - the only requirement is that they all be distinct.
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