Spare time

In your spare time (well, we are aware that the GLOW programme is quite hectic, but anyway) you might want to explore the city of Lund. In any case, you will have to eat at some of the many restaurants that we have got here. Instead of producing our own guide to restaurants, bars, nightlife and sightseeing in Lund, we hereby direct you to a very nice and extremely useful sight that we have found on the Internet.

Restaurant area on a Lund map

It is important to know, though, that even though there are many restaurants in this town, there aren't very many restaurants at all in some parts of Lund. Please have a look at this map (link below) which is intended to indicate your current position (The Centre for Languages and Literature) and the general area in Lund where most restaurants are located (the blue circle on the map). So, make sure that you walk in the right direction, and you will find restaurants of many different types. Generally speaking, most resaurants are located on or near the squares called Stortorget, Mårtenstorget, Clemenstorget and Bantorget.
Sidansvarig: fabian.beijerenglund.luse | 2020-06-26