This is where news about GLOW 36 in Lund that can be important for you to know about will be published between now and the end of the conference.

2 April: The Charles Yang talk

Since everyone will (be able to) attend Charles Yang's talk in the Biolinguistic workshop (at 6.30 tonight), this talk has been moved to the main lecture hall (where the GLOW colloquium is going to take place Wednesday-Friday), which you will find close to the registration (and reception) area.
See you there!

2 April The conference has started

The conference has started with the two workshops that precede the GLOW Colloquium, "Biolinguistics" and "Syntactic Variation and Change". Welcome to Lund, everybody!

22 March The weather

Today is a very nice winter's day in Lund, but please note that it was 9 degrees below zero when I got up this morning, so don't forget to bring enough warm clothes and shoes.

18 March: Concerning registration at Lund

We would like all GLOW participants to register for GLOW when you get to the conference venue. You will then get some useful information, your name badge, etc. Without your name badge, you will not be allowed to attend talks, so please register and wear your badges throughout the conference as usual. It will be possible to register between 8:30 in the morning and 6 in the evening, Tuesday-Friday, and between 9 and 12 on the Saturday.

30 January: The programme

We will soon publish the programme for the 36th GLOW colloquium.

15 November; EasyChair

EasyChair was not available for a couple of hours this morning (CEWT), but now everything seems to be fine again, so please continue to submit/upload abstracts.

Abstract submission period over

We will accept no more abstracts for the main GLOW colloquium. However, you can still submit abstracts for the Biolinguistic workshop (until Monday).
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