1) Catharine Abell, University of Manchester: Fiction Making. 

2) Peter Alward, University of Lethbridge: Varieties Of Photographic Fiction.

3) Al Baker, University of Manchester: ”People Always Think Something's All True”: How to ascertain fictional truth from unreliable narration.

4) Alexander Bareis, Lund University: Principles of Generation, Principles of Interpretation. Theoretical and Methodological Considerations.

5) Chris Bateman, International Hobo Ltd: Prop Perspective and the Aesthetics of Play.

6) Remigius Bunia, Free University Berlin: About Truth in Fiction.

7) Eva Dadlez, University of Central Oklahoma: Role-Playing, Make-Believe, and Moral Complicity.

8) Jason D’Cruz, State University of New York: Agency and Fictional Truth in Virtual Worlds.

9) Matthew DeCoursey, Hong Kong Institute of Education: Make-Believe as a Mode of Consciousness in Theatre: Redefining “Aesthetic Distance”.

10) Eran Guter, University of Haifa: Music as Ornament: Walton's Road Not Taken.

11) James Hamilton, Kansas State University: Narrative per se and Suspense Eliminativism.

12) Tobias Klauk, Tilmann Köppe, Göttingen University: Distance in Fiction.

13) Sonja Klimek, Fribourg University: “I grieve” as Make-Believe – The Generation of Fictional Truth in 18th century Lamentation Poetry.

14) Liviu Lutas, Lund University: Metalepsis and Participation in Games of Make-Believe.

15) Jukka Mikkonen, Tampere University: The Literary-Fictive Stance and Considerations of Truth.

16) Ira Newman, Mansfield University: Destabilizing Reality: Postmodernist Narrative and the Logic of Make-Believe.

17) Jérôme Pelletier, Brest/Paris University: Flitting Back and Forth Between Imaginings.

18) Mario Slugan, University of Chicago: The Status of Deixis in Fiction Film and Literature.

19) Nils-Hennes Stear, University of Michigan: Is Sports Participation a Form of Make Believe?

20) Jan-Noël Thon, University of Tübingen: Narrative Representation across Media. Hypothetical Intentions, Medial Conventions, and the Principle of Charity.

21) Sarah Worth, Furman University: Narration, Representation, Memoir, Truth, and Lies: How We Diminish the Art of Narrative with Simple Truths.

22) Frank Zipfel, Mainz University: The Fictional Truths of Drama and Theatre.


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